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Teaching Methodology Course for Educational and Health Care Professionals

Short Course on Traditional Medicine Development
Starting Date: 16th to 20th October, 2017. Deadline: 10th October, 2017 . Download the Advert and Application Form (Swahili, English)

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‘Mstafeli’ Potential Cancer Cure

An expert from the Institute of Traditional Medicine at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences – Department of Medical Botany, Plant Breeding and Agronomy, Dr Joseph Otieno exclusively told the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ Read More!!

Opportunities at the Institute

The Institute has the mandate to oversee the conduct of research in the area of traditional medicine. Hence it has the following opportunities:

  • The country has a large wealth of medicinal plants, a few of which have been exploited
  • There are over 75,000 traditional healers in Tanzanian Mainland. These are the custodians of the knowledge about plants with medicinal value. They will assist the Institute in exploiting the wealth of medicinal plants found in different parts of the country.
  •  Tanzania flora is unique in the world. Some plants are only found in Tanzania. Due to this reason it is possible to attract both national and international collaborators in research on the medicinal value of these plants.
  • Based on the information which has been accumulated the Institute can develop a curriculum to teach traditional medicine to medical students. This is an important stage if traditional medicines have to be prescribed by doctors.
  • The Institute has medicinal plant farms, which can be used for commercial cultivation of medicinal plants. The same plants can be used to prepare galenicals for use. Establishment of a herbal pharmacy for dispensing these preparations will generate funds for the institute.

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