Department of Biological and Preclinical Studies

This department is expected to handle the following activities:

 (i). Screening of herbs collected from traditional healers to establish the presence of pharmacological activity.

(ii). To carry out toxicological, pharmacokinetic and toxic kinetic studies on plants used by traditional healers to treat various ailments and generate knowledge which will form the basis for:

  • Assessment of the safety of different natural products used in the country.
  • Recommendation to the public on the safety of different natural products used by Traditional Healers.
  • Regulatory approval of newly developed formulations or drugs


(iii) To search for reliable, simple and reproducible bioassays for preliminary general screening of crude drug preparations.  

(iv). To identify the mechanism of action of natural products used by Traditional Healers and suggest possible lines of development of products from isolated active compounds.

(v). To carry out standardization of indigenous and exotic medicinal plant products.

(vi). To collaborate with the Department of Natural Products Chemistry in the fractionation and    isolation of active compounds from plant extracts.

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