Department of Natural Products Development and Formulation

This department is expected to handle the following activities:

 (i)           Chemical screening of plants, animals and mineral substances used in traditional medicine.

 (ii)          Preparation of crude extracts and other fractions for bioassays.

 (iii)         Bioassay guided separation of active substances of plant, mineral or animal origin used in traditional medicine.

(iv)          Characterization and identification of biologically active substances.

(v)           Structure elucidation of biologically active isolated compounds.                

(vi)           Formulation, standardization and laboratory scale production of crude medicinal and pure isolated compounds of established therapeutic activity.

(vii)         Quality analysis of active ingredients of medicinal preparations from cultivated exotic plants and other formulations based on laboratory findings and information collected from traditional healers.

(viii)        Collaboration with the Departments of Biological and Preclinical studies to establish therapeutic activity of traditional medicine and effective safe doses of crude and purified drugs of traditional medicine origin. 

(ix)          To disseminate research findings to scientists, traditional healers and the general public, through publications, seminars and workshops.

(x)           To collaborate with drug development and production companies in the promotion and production of established effective traditional medicines.

(xi)          Drug development and standardisation of herbal medicines.

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