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Pharmaceuticals for Medicine Without Borders -
Research done on valuable botanical pharmaceutical information for cures for many of the world's diseases. Entirely free information offered to empower individuals who may suffer from these diseases. - Herbs -
Covers more than 2000 herbs from around the world including Chinese and Oriental herbs, safety data and other detailed information.
National Institute of Medical Herbalists -
Founded in 1864, NIMH is the oldest body of professional practising herbalists in the western world. Information and frequently asked questions about herbs.
HerbMed -
An interactive, electronic herbal database - provides hyperlinked access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health. Includes evidence, warnings, preparations and mechanisms of action for dozens of herbs.
Herbal Information Bible -
Non-profit site informing the public on the proper usage of herbs, learn how to choose proper herbs, create recipes, from teas to body creams.
Herb Net -
Collection of resources for herbalists, including a calendar of events.
The Herb Coach -
An e-zine containing herbal and natural health news.
The Herbal Encyclopedia -
Alphabetical listing of healing herbs, with articles about safety, storage, remedies, recipes and special uses. Includes glossary.
Medicinal Herbs Online -
Information, including medical and herbal glossaries, herbal treatment recommendations and weekly newsletter.
Herbal Pills -
Directory of a few popular herbal remedies.
Herbal Musings -
Site includes herbal news, a library of herbal articles and a bookstore.
Home Made Medicine -
Free information on herbal healing, home remedies, a complete guide listed by illness. Learn how to treat common conditions without drugs.
The Herbal Nexus -
Herbs, their uses, folklore, medical information, photos, and a bookstore.
Suite 101: Herbalism -
Articles, discussions and links on the uses of herbs from fact to folklore, medicinal to magical. Also includes suggestions for seasonal home remedies, crafts, tricks and tips.
The Herb Index -
An online guide for herbs and supplements, includes scientific names and contra-indications.



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